• AIAutomatic Identification Technology

• AIT Automatic Identification Technology

AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group

AIM Automatic Identification Manufacturers

• AIM-DPM Quality Guideline AIM standard relating to Direct Part Marking of Data Matrix codes

• ANSI American National Standards Institute

• AS9132 Aerospace Direct Part Mark Quality Standard

ATA Aircraft Transportation Association

• CAGE  Commercial And Government Entity (CAG) (see also NCAGE)

• CCD  Charged Couple Device

CEA Consumer Electronics Association

• DI Data Identifiers

DUNS Data Universal Numbering System (Dun & Bradstreet)

• DFAS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

• DLIS Defense Logistics Information Service

• DMT Dot Matrix Tracking

• DPM  Direct Part Marking

• DPMI Direct Part Marking Identification

• ECC Error Correction Codes or Error Check and Correction. There are several ECC levels for the Data Matrix code however ECC 200 is the preferred level.

EIA Electronic Industries Alliance

• EID Enterprise Identifier, such as CAGE, DUNS or EAN.UCC

• ESN Electronic Serial Number

• GIAI Global Individual Asset Identifier

• GRAI Global Returnable Asset Identifier

• GS1 Global Standards organisation

• HRI Human Readable Identification

• IAC Issuing Agency Code

IAQG International Aerospace Quality Group

ISO International Organisation for Standardization

• IUID Item Unique Identification (previously known as UID)

• LASER Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation. Main types of marking laser are Fibre Laser and Nd:YAG

• LOT Lot Number (LOTNO)

• MFR Manufacturer Code

• MRI Machine-Readable Information

• NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA-STD-6002 Technical Standards Program Office

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 

• NCAGE Nato Commercial And Government Entity

• Nd:YAG Laser using a Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet crystal as the laser source.

• PIPC (Government) Property In Possession of Contractors

• PNR Current Part Number TEI (PNR, PN, P/N, PIN)

• PNO Original Part Number TEI

• SEQ Part Serial Number TEI for Construct 2 UIIs

• SER Part Serial Number TEI  for Construct 1 UIIs (SN, S/N, SERNO)

• SPL Supplier Code (SPLR)

SEMI Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

SPEC 2000 Chap9  Bar code standards for traceability of aircraft parts and shipments

• TEI Text Element Identifier. Examples are MFR, SER, PNO etc.

• UCN  Unique Component identification Number

• UID Unique IDentification  (now known as IUID see above)

• UII Unique Item Identifier

• VIN Vehicle Identification Number

WAWF Wide Area Work Flow



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